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Latest News

The Loot Box Podcast was started in 2016 and paused at the end of the year in 2018! We’re happy to say that the podcast reset with a new group of hosts in May 2019 to get back to talking about video games, board games, comics, TV shows, movies, tech gadgets and much more.

The show’s can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn and Spotify are updated with the episodes starting in May 2019, so go listen, please subscribe and leave us a review.


The Loot Boxers website is the home of The Loot Box Podcast and all things we find nerdy, techie, interesting and fun. We are Tom, Ryan, Charlie, Cristian, David, Michael and Zach!

We’re not always locked into just one genre or a specific gaming console. Each gaming platform, whether it’s Playstation, XBox, The Switch, PC or even earlier generation of game consoles, we enjoy discussing it all. We talk about movies, TV shows and the coolest in tech gadgets too.

Our Podcast Schedule

Once a week, The Loot Box Podcast episodes are recorded and posted to listen to and/or download. We have fun talking and we hope you have fun listening. Each show is a conversation between a few friends chatting about the nerdy, techie and interesting stuff that caught our attention during the previous week.

Podcast schedule is every Thursday morning at 5:00am PT.

The Loot Boxers website is a place to support the podcast because, when we’re not talking, we’re writing. The website has articles, reviews and an occasional rant. So stay with us a while. You’re gonna like it here!

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