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About is the home of The Loot Box Podcast. The Loot Box Podcast is a weekly variety show about all things we find nerdy, techie, interesting and fun. Although it could end up being about anything we discovered during the week since the prior show, it very well could be about things we bring up from the past. It just depends on the space we’re in at the time of recording the show. All-in-all, it’s like opening a loot box in a video game, sometimes you just never know what you’ll get. We do promise a fun and interesting time.

So why Because we are all loot boxers. We’re in search for the thing that we can open and be surprised at what’s inside. The Loot Box Podcast is that in audio form. Open it up where you listen to podcasts and find out what you get.

Over to the right, you can peek in for a moment at some info about the hosts. We want to hear from you! This show is as much for you as it is for us.

Host: Tom

Musician, Graphic Artist, Code Monkey, Photographer and Co-host of The Loot Box Podcast.