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DOOM – Part 2

Another gameplay video of DOOM. I think I’m getting a bit of a feel for the game… although it is still tough at some spots. But so very fun! 🙂

TLB Ep4 – Guitar Hero Live, Twitch Streaming, The Martian, Loot of the Week

Welcome to our very 4th episode of The Loot Box Podcast. Guitar Hero Live and Guitar Hero parties. We discuss the newest Guitar Hero now that we’ve had it for a bit and have had time to play some. Have … Continue reading

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Buggy on Release Day?

Short video because about 10 minutes in the video got buggy. The screen kept going black and objects were all funky. Enjoy! 🙂

Playing a bit of DOOM – Part 1

I jumped into DOOM (mainly to test my Twitch connection) and played some of an area pretty close to the beginning. It’s not a great video of epic playing, but melee kills are pretty fun. Enjoy!

TLB Ep3 – SodaStream Beer Bar, Video Game Memberships, Journey, Flower, Broforce, Loot of the Week

Welcome to our very 3rd episode of The Loot Box Podcast. On this episode, we discuss the SodaStream Beer Bar. Although only available (currently) in Germany and Switzerland, we haven’t tried it, but venture to guess if it’ll be good … Continue reading

TLB Ep2 – Battleborn, Overwatch, PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade, Civil War, Loot of the Week

Welcome to our very 2nd episode of The Loot Box Podcast. On this episode, we discuss Battleborn and Overwatch and how these two games have been already getting compared to each other. We chat about the PS4 and how fast … Continue reading

TLB Ep1 – Uncharted 4, Overwatch Open Beta, Controller Config, Loot of the Week

Welcome to our very 1st episode of The Loot Box Podcast. On this episode, we talk a bit about the video game Uncharted 4 and the open beta of Overwatch. This leads us into a discussion about game console controller … Continue reading

Practical PS4 Party Podcasting

Capturing the voice of one person is pretty easy. Inexpensive even. The digital voice recorders or even your smart phone does a pretty good job. High enough quality to use for a podcast. In general, small devices record at 44.1kHz, … Continue reading

Video Game Loot Syndrome

Here’s a video game addiction discussion with a loot boxer perspective. I’m making this connection because there’s a couple viewpoints I want to tackle this topic with and provide a comparison. I’d like to give this comparison so you, dear … Continue reading

Random Game Codes

Whether a gamer is gaming on PC or on a console, digital download of games are becoming more popular as technology supports this trend. Technically speaking, a fast download connection speed provides a gamer with a complete RTP (Ready To … Continue reading