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Category: Articles

Raspberry Pi: Evolution of Recording the Podcast

If you listen back to our very first few shows and compare those with shows in the very 20s… you’ll know that we changed the way we record shows. Early on, the show was recorded through separate Sony Playstation 4 … Continue reading

GameStop Customer Service Rant

I want to rant and I need someone to hear what I have to say. Well, at least read what I have to say. So, it would be great if you’d read this article all the way through… please. Thanks. … Continue reading

Practical PS4 Party Podcasting

Capturing the voice of one person is pretty easy. Inexpensive even. The digital voice recorders or even your smart phone does a pretty good job. High enough quality to use for a podcast. In general, small devices record at 44.1kHz, … Continue reading

The Struggles of a Legacy Gamer

Hi.  My name is Tanya and I’m an Inverted Y-Axis Legacy Gamer.  It sounds like something one would need a support group and therapy for, doesn’t it?  I wish there was a cure for it, a path to recovery even,  … Continue reading

Video Game Loot Syndrome

Here’s a video game addiction discussion with a loot boxer perspective. I’m making this connection because there’s a couple viewpoints I want to tackle this topic with and provide a comparison. I’d like to give this comparison so you, dear … Continue reading

Random Game Codes

Whether a gamer is gaming on PC or on a console, digital download of games are becoming more popular as technology supports this trend. Technically speaking, a fast download connection speed provides a gamer with a complete RTP (Ready To … Continue reading

Gameflip App

The Gameflip app was introduced early July 2015 by the San Jose, California based company Ijji, Inc. Launch as a marketplace for buyers and sellers to have a portal to exchanging used video games, consoles, accessories and collectibles. Rewind a … Continue reading