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Category: Articles

Upgrading a 2010 Mac Pro for Windows 10 and Gaming

I’ve owned by 2010 Mac Pro 5,1 for about 7 years. I didn’t invest the 2 or 3 thousand US dollars into it when it was first launched and saved a bit by purchasing it used. In that time, it’s … Continue reading

GameStop Customer Service Rant

I want to rant and I need someone to hear what I have to say. Well, at least read what I have to say. So, it would be great if you’d read this article all the way through… please. Thanks. … Continue reading

Practical PS4 Party Podcasting

Capturing the voice of one person is pretty easy. Inexpensive even. The digital voice recorders or even your smart phone does a pretty good job. High enough quality to use for a podcast. In general, small devices record at 44.1kHz, … Continue reading

Video Game Loot Syndrome

Here’s a video game addiction discussion with a loot boxer perspective. I’m making this connection because there’s a couple viewpoints I want to tackle this topic with and provide a comparison. I’d like to give this comparison so you, dear … Continue reading

Random Game Codes

Whether a gamer is gaming on PC or on a console, digital download of games are becoming more popular as technology supports this trend. Technically speaking, a fast download connection speed provides a gamer with a complete RTP (Ready To … Continue reading

Gameflip App

The Gameflip app was introduced early July 2015 by the San Jose, California based company Ijji, Inc. Launch as a marketplace for buyers and sellers to have a portal to exchanging used video games, consoles, accessories and collectibles. Rewind a … Continue reading