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Category: Videos

Stranger Things 3, The Game – Nintendo Switch Gameplay Video

If you haven’t watched the series at all or season 3… I just gotta ask, “why not?” The retro looking video game with its yesteryear’s 8-bit looking pixel art and blippy and bleepy sounds, seems like one you may consider … Continue reading

Dauntless: First Impressions and Gameplay

The Loot Box Podcast crew jumps into Dauntless to check it out and play cross-platform. Cross-platform? Yeah, cross-platform. Playstation 4, XBoxOne and PC gamers playing nicely together. It’s actually quite a beautiful thing. Check out the videos we capture below:

The Division 2 – More Gameplay Videos

We can’t get enough of The Division 2. Here’s some more videos from our gameplay from Monday, May 20, 2019. Enjoy!

Rage 2 – Gameplay Video

Here’s a first impression video of the first 40 minutes of Rage 2. A game review will be coming soon. This video was captured just to get a general overview of just getting started in playing the game. So far, … Continue reading

The Division 2 – GamePlay Videos

A few of The Loot Box Podcast crew playing The Division 2 that hopefully you’ll enjoy checking out. It’s a video game on Playstation 4 that we’ve been having a blast playing and it’s definitely worth checking out, especially when … Continue reading

Anthem Demo GamePlay

A 20-minute video of some of the gameplay in the Anthem Demo that was going on for those who pre-ordered (and a few of their friends) to check out what Anthem is all about so far. This video was recorded … Continue reading

Destiny Iron Banner – GamePlay Videos

9 Videos by the Loot Box Podcast hosts playing Iron Banner in Destiny.

PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Video

Upgrading the PS4 hard drive from 500GB to 2TB is pretty easy, but it can be somewhat tricky. In this video, the Loot Box Podcast hosts walk through the upgrade to make it easy to understand and for you to … Continue reading

DOOM – Part 2

Another gameplay video of DOOM. I think I’m getting a bit of a feel for the game… although it is still tough at some spots. But so very fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Buggy on Release Day?

Short video because about 10 minutes in the video got buggy. The screen kept going black and objects were all funky. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚