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Category: Gameplay Videos

Anthem Demo GamePlay

A 20-minute video of some of the gameplay in the Anthem Demo that was going on for those who pre-ordered (and a few of their friends) to check out what Anthem is all about so far. This video was recorded … Continue reading

Iron Banner Videos – 1/17/2017

9 Videos by the Loot Box Podcast hosts playing Iron Banner in Destiny.

Destiny Strike Video

Hey Loot Boxers… here’s a video of the Loot Box Podcast hosts running a heroic strike in Destiny. Listener discretion advised for language. Enjoy! Boop!

DOOM – Part 2

Another gameplay video of DOOM. I think I’m getting a bit of a feel for the game… although it is still tough at some spots. But so very fun! 🙂

Playing a bit of DOOM – Part 1

I jumped into DOOM (mainly to test my Twitch connection) and played some of an area pretty close to the beginning. It’s not a great video of epic playing, but melee kills are pretty fun. Enjoy!

First Impressions: Uncharted 4

Here are the host’s videos and review of their first impressions of Uncharted 4. Tom (lancekirker) and Tanya (Chisai_Neko) played through the intro separately and review the game. Both Tom and Tanya have played the entire series of Uncharted and … Continue reading