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GameStop Customer Service Rant

I want to rant and I need someone to hear what I have to say. Well, at least read what I have to say. So, it would be great if you’d read this article all the way through… please. Thanks.

So, I’ve been a GameStop Pro Member for about 5 years. For a long time, it was a cool membership. deals on trade-ins, deals on preowned games, a magazine subscription and getting points for buying and trading that you can redeem for cool, nerdy trinkets and collectibles.

But enough already. What seems like a petty reason to be ranting, I am ranting nonetheless.

I will set aside the fact that GameStop is one of the most expensive places to buy games. Preowned games at $10 off the new price? I can buy new games for less than that at other competitors. OK, sorry, I am setting that aside, right?

The story begins with a preorder of “Destiny: Rise of Iron” because of an exclusive GameStop only bonus. So what if it’s “just a poster”. I like and collect posters and preordered because it was exclusive. I like stuff that’s exclusive too. Who doesn’t?

I stopped by the GameStop that I preordered “Rise of Iron” on release day to pick up the final receipt that would have my codes to redeem for the game expansion and… the exclusive “Rise of Iron” double-sided poster exclusively available at GameStop. Upon receiving the final receipt with the codes needed for “Rise of Iron”, I then inquire about the exclusive poster and was told that GameStop never got posters delivered, there was some kind of mix-up at Bungie and sorry, but there aren’t posters and the exclusive poster is not available. Oh, but I was also told that whenever I am in GameStop, I could ask about the posters just in case they ever get any in.

Well, there goes the idea of the “While Supplies Last”. Not only is there NO SUPPLY, but GameStop has taken it upon themselves to put the responsibility on me to request a poster whenever I come into the store and, if I happen to do that and there just happens to be none left, well, it was good while supplies last.

You see, GameStop, the idea of a bonus is not only to have the bonus item available on release day, but to understand what “While Supplies Last” actually means. To dumb it down for you, GameStop. You have a total of 6 preorders. I walk in the store and I am 6th in line, I miss out because the first 5 in line got the bonus item and I didn’t because, it was while supplies lasted. Supply ran out at the 5th customer, the 6th customer doesn’t receive item since supply has been exhausted. This is appropriate.

However, if the same 6 customers are in line and you don’t have the bonus item available, you can’t through it back to the customer that they missed out because it is “While Supplies Last”. You also can’t tell the customer to come back later to see if a bonus item is available afterall later. This is because, now, the 6 customers leave the store and may return at different times than they were in line. So now bonus items get given to customer 3, customer 5, customer 1, customer 4 and then customer 6 and now customer 2 misses out on the bonus item. Don’t you think bonus items are also first come, first served? Oh right, that makes sense so you throw that completely out the window.

You’re also saying it’s the customer’s fault because it was “While Supplies Last”? Funny thing is, GameStop NEVER HAD THE BONUS ITEM they offered, so the whole made up scenario above is not that supply ran out.

This is where it started getting away from being about the preorder bonus item and more about the principle and showing that GameStop doesn’t actually care about the customer and care more above just pushing the agenda of selling and moving on to the next customer to make the next sale.

I inquired with GameStop customer service via the GameStop website and explain the situation. That there were never posters available as they claimed there would be and requested that they stop sending me emails to let me know that my “Rise of Iron” preorder was ready to be picked up and that I should do it as soon as possible to get the exclusive “Rise of Iron” double-sided poster. I had already “picked up” my preorder over a week before this “reminder” email was sent to me. A reminder of something I’ve already done over a week ago? Really?

Here’s the real source of my frustration with GameStop. My message was replied to with no effort toward good customer service. The replies I received were canned messages that generally applied to my inquiry, but lacked any personal attention to what I was REALLY asking.

My inquiry:

I just received an email about my preorder (that I picked up more than a week ago) and it’s letting me know that my preorder bonus incentive includes a double-sided Destiny poster. The store I preordered at NEVER HAD POSTERS so I was misled to a preorder bonus incentive that never was available, let alone “while supplies last”.

First reply from GameStop:

I hope you’re doing great today! I understand you had issues getting your poster. I would like to assist you with your request.
Unfortunately, those benefits such as posters are while supplies last. If the store ran out of that item, unfortunately there’s nothing that we can do in that case.
Thank you for contacting GameStop Guest Care, and I hope you have a wonderful day! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us back.

I think I explained myself pretty clearly that the store said they never had them, so it wasn’t because I missed out because it’s only “While Supplies Last”.

So, I replied to that first response I received with:

I appreciate your response, however, I’m not sure you completely read what I explained in the original inquiry.
This is also not the first time this has occurred and would ask that you take time to read it completely.
It’s not a question of whether posters RAN OUT. It’s that they NEVER HAD THEM in the first place. I was told they never had them, EVER. In fact, I was told GameStop never got them ANYWHERE. So, I question whether you (GameStop) are making an offer that was never possible to fulfill.

To which someone else (why can’t I deal with the same person?) from GameStop replied with:

I am glad you reached GameStop Gest Care, it is our pleasure to assist you! We apologize for the long delay on getting back to you and we’ll do our best to help you with your concern.
We can see you were already assisted by the previous agent who explained the poster situation. Thank you for contacting GameStop Guest Care, and I hope you have a wonderful day. If you have any further questions please feel free to reply to this email.

Thank you for letting me know that someone else DIDN’T ACTUALLY ANSWER MY QUESTION and, well, NEITHER HAVE YOU.

I then received a response that asked me to send GameStop my order number and billing information. Huh?

Greetings! Thank you for contacting us Tom! It looks like you have gotten some issues trying to get this bonus.
It is a great pleasure for me to help you! We know your time is gold, so we just need some information for us to help you as fast as possible.

Order number.
Full billing name.
Billing phone number.
Full billing address. (Including zip code)

Hey we really appreciate the time you are taking to follow this situation! We will be here waiting for your prompt response.

I preordered in a store, not online. I said that in my original message to them. Again, clearly, GameStop doesn’t actually read their messages. So I replied with a scan of my store receipt.

To which I received the following response:

Greetings! Thank you for contacting us Tom! We noticed you needed some help getting this poster.
I just want to vanish your questions about it. I tried to get information about this items and it seems is not available anymore. When it comes to bonuses or goodies, they will be available while supplies last. You can feel free to check out our GameStop website to learn more about it.
Thank your for your understanding! Have a wonderful day!
“Power to de Players”

“Power to de Players” indeed.
Right back to where I started! Default, go to answer, it’s “While Supplies Last”. So, here’s a thought, no supply, don’t offer it. Simple, no?

My Pro Member subscription ends in Feb 2017. I WILL NOT be renewing and I WILL NOT STEP FOOT into a GameStop except to say “Bye” to the GameStop employees in my local store and probably buy them lunch or dinner to say “Thanks” for the last 5 years. They are good people. The online customer service staff are lame.

Look, GameStop’s prices are inflated and I can do better elsewhere anyway. As I have shared on a previous podcast show, offers 20% off preordered games and new games up to 2 weeks after release with an Amazon Prime subscription. Best Buy offers 20% on ALL new games no matter what and 10% off ALL preowned games with their Gamers Club Unlocked subscription. So GameStop’s preowned price is HIGHER than these other places for NEW. And… GameStop fails at having preorder bonuses like they say they will.

It’s been real GameStop. It’s also too bad, because you have some good people working in the storefront I went to most of the time and I really liked stopping by there. Oh well, I’m just one guy, right?

I will keep this post updated if anything seems worthy to add to it.

Thanks for reading, loot boxers, this… is just this guy’s opinion. Take it for what it’s worth. 🙂

UPDATE 10/25/2016: It’s been over 2 weeks since I replied to GameStop upon THEIR request to send them additional information. I took on the additional task of scanning my receipt from the store and a screen shot of my account showing the preorders. Over 2 weeks ago I replied. I replied the same day they requested information and said in their email…

Hey we really appreciate the time you are taking to follow this situation! We will be here waiting for your prompt response.

I did promptly respond and they have promptly made the choice to ignore me. Thanks, but no thanks GameStop.

UPDATE 10/27/2016: I have to stop by GameStop tonight to pick up my last preorder from them for the special edition of “Skyrim”. There’s supposed to be an exclusive two-sided poster for this preorder. I will update this post again to see if this one actually works out. Maybe, but probably not, but maybe. 🙂

UPDATE 10/28/2016: They had posters, so at least I got this one. I guess the Destiny poster just was never meant to be.

UPDATE 01/14/2017: I haven’t gone to GameStop in months! It was a great experience avoiding that place. Because I went back today and I was not surprised to find an unorganized, something not in stock that they say was in stock, GS team member promising to return a call and not doing that and ending up not getting another very good experience. My pro-membership expires in a couple weeks and I am NOT renewing.

Listen to an upcoming Loot Box Podcast to hear the story about my recent experience.

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