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Gears of War 4

I’ve been a Gears of War fan since about the time GOW3 was going to be released. I hadn’t played GOW or GOW2 before hand, but in anticipation of GOW3 being released, I picked up a copy of GOW2 to play through before GOW3. I really enjoyed GOW2 and eagerly went out to get a copy of GOW to play through that too.

GOW3 was released on Sept. 20, 2011 and I didn’t quite get through GOW before then and jumped right into GOW3. Many nights and many hours were lost to Horde Mode with friends online and the solo campaign is captivating. I finished the game relatively quickly and had to wait for the next installment in the GOW series.

March 2013 was the release of Gears of War Judgement. I rushed out to grab a copy and anxious to get it started. By unfortunately, my excitement for the new GOW game fizzled. The Horde mode was ok. Friends played a bit online but certainly not at much as we had with GOW3. The campaign was a bit more difficult to play than any of the other GOW games and not just being harder to play, but harder to understand. The story idea is great, but there’s a lot of current day story-telling and then jumping to gameplay to a scene that was being verbally described. The chronological order seemed consistent, but there was a lot of places you could easily get disconnected from the story. Especially if you came back to the game after any lengthy time away from it. It was easy to forget what had been happening so you could pick up where you left off.

So when GOW4 was announced. I was both, excited for another GOW, but also really apprehensive since the chances of it being another Judgement was possible.

It’s not the case though. GOW4 delivers and delivers in a big way. First of all, graphically, it looks amazing! The controls are exactly as they should be, taking on the configuration from the previous GOW games.

The story is exceptional and the introduction of the fact that the COG is part of what you’re fighting against is perfect.

There’s pods that release additional creatures which reminds me a little of the Destiny Thralls and chopping them down with the Lancer saw is as fun as chopping down Thrall with a sword.

GOW4 brings back everything from the GOW franchise so well. The game includes FREE codes to play GOW, GOW2, GOW3 and GOW Judgement through XBox One compatibility mode or on an XBox360. I recommend the first 3, you can skip Judgement if you’d like.

Look for some Let’s Play videos of GOW3 right here on soon.

Thanks for reading.

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