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Original LBP Podcast Episode Archive

2016 through 2018 Archived Episodes

If you’ve found yourself all out of current episodes of The Loot Box Podcast to listen to, you can jump over the Original Loot Box Podcast Show Archive that is 106 additional episodes. The current episodes of the show started in 2019 and the archives are episodes that were published between 2016 and 2018.

Listener Discretion Advised

These archived shows had been marked explicit due to language and content. PLEASE NOTE: Shows starting in 2019 have been focused on being suited for all ages so the explicit nature only applies to these archived shows between 2016 and 2018.

New Media Host

When the Loot Box Podcast rebooted in 2019, a new media host was deemed necessary and because these archived shows were hosted on SoundCloud, the podcast feed had to be reset starting in 2019. The feed that originally kept the show updated was lost when the Loot Box Podcast SoundCloud account was closed. But the archive episodes were not gone forever. It just took a bit of time to repreoduce a way for them to be available to listen to on our website.

So here they are, the archive episodes of The Loot Box Podcast, 2016 – 2018.