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Upgrading a 2010 Mac Pro for Windows 10 and Gaming

I’ve owned by 2010 Mac Pro 5,1 for about 7 years. I didn’t invest the 2 or 3 thousand US dollars into it when it was first launched and saved a bit by purchasing it used. In that time, it’s been a great machine. It’s large tower, and it sits at my feet, and I bang my knees into it at least once a day, but I love it.

The video card in these old machines is typically the first to go when one decides to do some upgrades. If the video card hasn’t been upgraded already, Mojave, as the final Mac OS upgrade is installed, the video card upgrade is required because the included video card doesn’t support Metal and a video card with Metal is required.

The overall CPU horsepower is not bad for a 2010 system. A dual quad-core, (8-cores total) 2.4 GHz is well, still not bad in regard to today’s standards. But with a Metal-supported video card and Mojave installed, you also lose the ability to have the boot menu and Bootcamp already fussed about not being supported on these older machines. Running Parallels and trying to game in Windows is a lost cause even with 32 GB RAM.

So… is there really any way to give this older system new life and use it for gaming? The answer is “yes”! For how long, who knows with the rate new games come out needing faster processing, but in this article, I wanted to share with you what I did to get more out of this machine with a bit of an investment and a bit of set up with additional drive, Windows 10 installation disc (more on why the disc installation is required (or at least highly recommended), and a Mac Pro 5,1 can be faster, run Windows 10 using Bootcamp and actually do pretty well with a lot of recent video games.

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