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TLBP004 – Rage Quit Stories and E3 Hype and Hopefuls

Welcome to The Loot Box Podcast episode for the week of June 3, 2019. Rage quit stories just to get the discussion going and then we jump into the upcoming E3 show and what’s being hyped and what we hope … Continue reading

TLBP003 – Dauntless and First Console Stories

Welcome to The Loot Box Podcast episode for the week of May 27, 2019. Listen in while the Loot Box Podcast guys talk about their first impressions playing the MMO game, Dauntless, that is also cross-platform. The guys also share … Continue reading

Dauntless: First Impressions and Gameplay

The Loot Box Podcast crew jumps into Dauntless to check it out and play cross-platform. Cross-platform? Yeah, cross-platform. Playstation 4, XBoxOne and PC gamers playing nicely together. It’s actually quite a beautiful thing. Check out the videos we capture below:

TLBP002 – Loot Boxes Under Fire, Kid-Gambling

Welcome to The Loot Box Podcast episode for the week of May 20, 2019. We get into a more serious discussion about a ban possibly being placed on loot boxes in video games and whether loot boxes are causing the … Continue reading

The Division 2 – More Gameplay Videos

We can’t get enough of The Division 2. Here’s some more videos from our gameplay from Monday, May 20, 2019. Enjoy!

Rage 2 – Gameplay Video

Here’s a first impression video of the first 40 minutes of Rage 2. A game review will be coming soon. This video was captured just to get a general overview of just getting started in playing the game. So far, … Continue reading

The Division 2 – GamePlay Videos

A few of The Loot Box Podcast crew playing The Division 2 that hopefully you’ll enjoy checking out. It’s a video game on Playstation 4 that we’ve been having a blast playing and it’s definitely worth checking out, especially when … Continue reading

TLBP001 – The Division 2, Odyssey, Days Gone and Endgame

Welcome to The Loot Box Podcast episode for the week of May 13, 2019. We discuss the good times walking around Washington DC killing Hyenas and find epic weapons in “Tom Clancy’s The Division 2”, sneaking and assassinating in “Assassin’s … Continue reading

Anthem Demo GamePlay

A 20-minute video of some of the gameplay in the Anthem Demo that was going on for those who pre-ordered (and a few of their friends) to check out what Anthem is all about so far. This video was recorded … Continue reading

TLB Ep106 – Super Smash Bros, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Dogs Podcasting

Welcome to our very 106th episode of The Loot Box Podcast. More Stories from Fortnite, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mystery Theater 3000 and the dogs want to be on the podcast and ruin EVERYTHING!