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TLBP081 – Video Game and Streaming Reviews

Welcome to The Loot Box Podcast episode for the week of March 15, 2021.

We give you a show of general purpose this time around. Ryan, Charlie and Tom talk about video games they played together and what they played individually in recent weeks as well as some news about some PS5 consoles possibly going to be available (or were available is more like it). Check back in next week to see if either Charlie or Tom was able to get their hands on one. We discuss a bunch about the streaming services and which makes sense to have subscriptions for and which may not be. Or just subscribe to them all. Speaking of subscribing… subscribe to The Loot Box Podcast and write a review. Thank you.

Enjoy the show everyone!

Recorded over Skype with “Call Recorder for Skype” by Ecamm Network LLC.

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